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Lesson 4, 5, 6




Holding Sturgeon
Instructional Overview
Lesson 4 Symposium Stakeholder
Stakeholder Profile
Stakeholder Background
Commerical Fisher
First Nations
Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society
Ministry of the Environment
Sports Anglers
The Forest Industry and Mill Operator
Urban Planner
Gravel Extraction
Lesson 5 Symposium Research
Stakeholder Position Paper Organizer
Supplemental Reading
Article - BC First Nations Call for Sport Fishing Ban
Article - DFO Sturgeon Poaching
Article - Gravel Removal on Fraser
Article - Gravel Mining on Fraser
Article - Gravel Removal Salmon Deaths
Article - Sturgeon Noosing
Article - The Sturgeon of the Egg
Article - Where have all the Salmon gone?
Report - FRSCS SARA Submission
Report - Backgrounder Monitoring & Assessment 2005
Report - FRSCS White Sturgeon Stock Status 2007
Report - FRSCS Juvenile Sturgeon Habitat Use 2009
Powerpoint - FRSCS 2006
Lesson 6 Symposium Simulation
Symposium Notetaking Organizer
Symposium Assessment Rubric